This 90 minute course will cover what resilience is and how you can improve your resilience for both you and your team. It will talk you through how the brain works and how you can help it to be more resilient and will discuss how your emotions play a big part in being resilient. Finally you’ll be making an action plan as nothing happens until you take action!

This course has been created by Sandy Coaching which is part of the The-Key UK Ltd.

During the course it would be ideal if you can turn off your mobile phone and close down any applications you may have running which will interrupt your concentration. Gather together a pen and some paper to note down any key learning points and of course to note down anything which you intend to do differently going forward.

  • Ideally turn off your mobile phone
  • Close any applications such as email
  • Have a pen and paper/ note pad to hand to create your own “Resilience planning pad”
  • Avoid any interruptions

This module will cover how and why we think like we do and how that can affect our resilience and ultimately how you can help yourself to being more resilient in everday life.

Module two will further demonstrate how our emotions play in big part in being resilient. It will also cover strategies for looking after your emotions cause them to support you rather than work against you.

This final module covers the importance of having a purpose as having purpose makes it easier to bounce back in challenging times by providing perspective, stability, confidence and determination. Module three will also discuss the value of setting yourself an action plan to improve your resilience as nothing happens until you take action!